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Growing up in West Virginia, a sense of pride for my state and community was instilled in me through my family and friends. Having numerous generations of my family calling this land their home, this state holds a unique place in my heart. Family members and teachers taught me about the rich history of the state, unique geology of our mountains, and trailblazing residents of the past. These facts and tiny bits of information provided me additional pride in my home, and it also helped me become a better ambassador when I spent several years in other states. As we look to retain the next generation of West Virginians, WV Harvest believes that promoting our extraordinary state internally is incredibly important.  School food products provide a perfect place to help tell this story.

The packaging on food products provides a unique opportunity to tell a story to an engaged audience. When WV Harvest looked at the best way to package its Institutional Products, we wanted to create a Branded experience that was interesting, intelligent, and that looked amazing. Our Institutional Products are served to kids across the state of West Virginia, so we used elements of trivia, illustrations, and interactive content to outfit our WV Made Items. We collaborated with a local Morgantown Graphic Designer (the same designer that helped create our State Seal Display) to start our Branded Product offering in May of 2023. Our first products are sliced WV apples and a field trip box for school. Our hope is to include engaging branding on more products this year so please check out our social media for new items.

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