We are excited to bring Appalachian Delicacies to you. It is a journey we would like to join. This blog brings you behind the products and ideas of WV Harvest. 

School Foods

Packaging West Virginia

Growing up in West Virginia, a sense of pride for my state and community was instilled in me through my family and friends. Having numerous

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Adventures in Elderberry

I first became familiar with Elderberry when my wife started buying Elderberry Gummies from our local health food store. Our son had just started taking

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In The Mountains Again

The 2021 Ramp Season started later than expected for WV Harvest. With a very cold winter in the mountains of Appalachia, the cold ground and

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Ginseng In The Mountains

Foraging for Wild Ginseng in the mountains of Appalachia is better known to many than other Non-timber Forest Products. I started learning about this amazing

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