In The Mountains Again

The 2021 Ramp Season started later than expected for WV Harvest. With a very cold winter in the mountains of Appalachia, the cold ground and continued snowfall in March pushed our ramps back a couple weeks. But, as the sunlight started to warm the soil, those beautiful leaves started to move in the wind. And just like that, Ramp Season has begun for WV Harvest!

For many, springtime in the mountains is the best time of year. I count myself as being part of the springtime fan club.  I treasure the blooming of new life and the flowing ramp patches. It seems that for a short while, these vibrant patches of ramps are the only green life on the forest floor, creating an amazing sight as you hike in the hills. For those that have not experienced this post-winter greening, I highly recommend it as it rejuvenates the soul.

As my family and I go back in the mountains for another wonderful Ramp Season, we are very grateful for the amazing support of WV Harvest over the past year. This spring seems especially special as we look to get outside as much as possible. We look forward to bringing you new Appalachian Delights!

-The Yura’s

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