My wife and I could not believe the amazing taste of a wild ramp the first time we tried them. We thought, “this is a perfect blend of onion and garlic flavors, it grows in the mountains in West Virginia, why had we not eaten these before?”. Neither her nor I had ever tasted this […]


Being a WV native has shaped so many areas in my life: my love for the outdoors, the foods that I enjoy, even the names of my children (my wife and I name our kids after places in WV)! This state is very special to me and ever since starting WV Harvest I continue to […]

Adventures in Elderberry

I first became familiar with Elderberry when my wife started buying Elderberry Gummies from our local health food store. Our son had just started taking vitamins and she had learned that Elderberry Gummies were good for boosting the immune system. These gummies boasted some amazing health benefits, so I started to do a little research […]

In The Mountains Again

The 2021 Ramp Season started later than expected for WV Harvest. With a very cold winter in the mountains of Appalachia, the cold ground and continued snowfall in March pushed our ramps back a couple weeks. But, as the sunlight started to warm the soil, those beautiful leaves started to move in the wind. And […]

Ginseng In The Mountains

Foraging for Wild Ginseng in the mountains of Appalachia is better known to many than other Non-timber Forest Products. I started learning about this amazing plant only a couple of years ago and was immediately intrigued. I was surprised that this highly valued, highly sot after plant was in the mountains of my home state […]