Being a WV native has shaped so many areas in my life: my love for the outdoors, the foods that I enjoy, even the names of my children (my wife and I name our kids after places in WV)! This state is very special to me and ever since starting WV Harvest I continue to be encouraged by the potential of creating economic impact through the “in-stating” of our food.

WV imports most of its food from other states/regions and while it would be nearly impossible to grow/raise every type of raw food product in our state, there are still ways for our region to benefit from developing a more dynamic food system locally. This of course involves increasing the support for local growers and producers, but it also requires a large focus on value added production.

Inspired by this idea, WV Harvest decided to create a line of products (Provisions) to help to be a solution for locally produced, value-added meats, local produce, and other items that typically are sold and distributed by out-of-state providers. These products contain a blend of local ingredients and non-local raw ingredients, with all  products being processed, cooked, packaged, and distributed in WV. Just in the past 6 months, WV Harvest has sold over 50,000 meals to school lunch programs across the state. In addition to providing delicious Ready-Made items with our USDA inspected production partner, WV Harvest provides eye-catching posters and marketing materials to inspire future food entrepreneurs.

It is amazing to think of all the potential opportunities “in-stating” food production could bring to the region. The Provisions Line is one step in a new direction for local food production and WV Harvest is excited to be part of this journey.

– Chris Yura

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